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Chimney Repair In Keyport

Now is the Time to Do a “Chimney Repair Service Near Me” Search in Keyport, NJ

Keeping your chimney clean and in good shape should be the highest of priorities among homeowners who use their fireplace regularly. However quite often, you hear about chimney fires that escalate to destroying an entire home. Chimney fires can be avoided by scheduling chimney maintenance in addition to taking care of chimney malfunctions right away.

Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning urges homeowners in Monmouth County to be proactive by making regular maintenance a priority in your home, including cleaning dryer vents and whole house air ducts systems. 

What Are Some Common Chimney Repairs?

Creosote Clean-Up – Creosote is a substance that forms in your chimney as you burn fires, and it can pose some serious threats to your household. Unlike soot that makes a fireplace and chimney dirty, creosote is dangerous because it’s flammable. For chimney cleanings, Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning recommends having a chimney cleaned annually. After your chimney is cleaned, a level one visual inspection is performed to ensure the chimney system is clean and safe to use.

Chimney Cracks – Any damage to the masonry or mortar should be repaired immediately. Cracks in chimneys usually occur because of weather temperature issues. Locations that experience earthquakes will experience cracking. Cracks may occur in the brick, in the mortar or often, both.

Chimney Smoke Issues – Smoke issues can be a serious concern. Some smoke issues in a chimney occur from a faulty flue pull lever. Smoke and fumes enter the fireplace room. Unfortunately, malfunctions involving the smoke chamber are not visually recognized so the problem gets serious before the issue is noticed.

Rebuilding a Chimney – A chimney rebuild is usually the result of extensive damage and the repair involves brick replacement on the outside of the chimney and up to the crown. If a chimney is leaning or dilapidated, a total rebuild will be suggested by a professional to keep the home’s occupants safe.

Storm Damage and Water Leaks – The time to fix a leaky chimney is immediately. Unrepaired leaks can cause further damage including water damage (and eventual mold) to walls, ceilings and other indoor structures. Water damage can affect the chimney itself, too. It is important to have a certified chimney professional inspect your chimney once a year to ensure there are no leaks in your chimney which may lead to water infiltration. 

Is Chimney Repair Service Near Me in Keyport, NJ Expensive?

Maintaining a chimney is not only a wise investment in your home but it’s also a must have for safety and prevention. Just imagine the extensive damage that could occur to your home from a chimney-related fire. Annual routine chimney maintenance is way more cost-effective than to undergo an expensive emergency repair.

Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning services your Monmouth County area and offers chimney cleaning, chimney repair, chimney leak fixes, even chimney animal removal. This includes repairing cracked refractory panels, doors, screens and other fireplace items. They also flix leaks from flashings around chimneys, stacks, and vents.

For Over Three Decades, Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning has been a Trusted and Highly Recommended Local Company

For over 30 years, Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning has been cleaning chimneys. Their team of technicians are certified by The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and carry a C-DET certification for Dryer vent cleaning and inspections. They are also experts in dryer vent cleaning, dryer venting repairs, new installation and professional inspections. 

Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning follows all of NADCA standards air duct cleaning to make sure your family is breathing healthy air. Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning prides itself as a leader in Keyport by offering honest, reliable service. 

Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning Provides Other Services to Keep Your Home Safe

Equally important services necessary for every home, Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning also performs dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning. Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning handles dryer vent clean outs, dryer vent cleanings and replacements. Cleaning out a dryer vent can help to eliminate fire hazards and improve drying time. 

Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning does commercial and residential duct cleaning service. An extensive air duct cleaning helps keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently and healthier with fresher air. Air ducts could be circulating dust, dirt, dead insects, animal hair, dander, pollen, cigarette tar, smoke, asbestos, pathogens and more. Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning suggests homeowners schedule regular maintenance appointments, including cleaning dryer vents and air ducts.

Schedule Your Expert Chimney Repair Services Today

Are you looking for chimney maintenance or to have a chimney repaired in Keyport, NJ home? Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning will take care of all of your chimney repair and cleaning needs. If you are experiencing issues with your chimney or need a routine inspection, call 732-314-7171 or visit today.

If yes, don’t waste your time searching for “chimney repair near me”; instead call Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning, Monmouth County’s leading chimney repair Keyport.

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