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Chimney Cleaning

Experienced Chimney Cleaning Experts For Residents In Ocean County, NJ

Hire Chimney Cleaning Services To Keep Your Chimney In A Great Condition

Chimney cleaning requires the experience and tools to be completed correctly and safely. Call our chimney sweep experts to handle the job to ensure that your blocked chimney flue is dealt with so your family can enjoy your fireplace.


Our professional chimney inspections and fireplace cleaning specialists at Apex Chimney in Ocean County, NJ can sweep and unclog a wide range of fireplaces and chimney flues. You can rely on us for exceptional chimney and flue cleaning in Ocean County, NJ, whether your home has a gas or wood-burning fireplace.


Our chimney sweep technicians have earned the industry’s most prestigious certifications and credentials by passing extensive examinations based on fire codes, clearances, and standards for the construction and maintenance of chimney and venting systems.

Signs That Your Chimney Needs Cleaning

Creosote is a tar-like substance that causes black, oily streaks to form on the walls of your fireplace. This debris can build up in your chimney and obstruct the airflow. Fires burn cooler and more irregularly as the airflow decreases.

You may have difficulty starting the flames in your fireplace because the chimney is blocked or the fireplace damper is broken. Both issues can prevent a fire from getting enough oxygen to burn properly.

The odor of creosote is similar to that of a campfire and can be detected near the fireplace. This odor implies that your chimney is on the verge of catching fire. It can cause damage to your home and its contents.

When you burn wood in your fireplace, bird nests can clog the ventilation in your chimney and catch fire. Nests cover the vents at the top of your chimney.

Advantages Of Using Chimney Cleaning Service

Heavy creosote can accumulate and obstruct the release and flow of carbon monoxide without regular chimney inspections and maintenance trapping it inside your home. 

It is recommended that your chimney must be cleaned every 6 months to reap the benefits of a fireplace. Cleaning your fireplace and chimney has numerous advantages:

  • Increases the efficiency and heat output of your fireplace
  • Prevents accumulation of flammable creosote
  • Identifies potentially dangerous flaws to repair
  • Removes excessive creosote that can accumulate over time
  • Ensures all debris from your fire is removed by an efficient airflow

Enhances the air quality so that you and your family breathe by improving the circulation within your chimney and fireplace

Why Should You Choose Us For Chimney Cleaning?

Affordable Solutions

Apex Chimney provides quality services at reasonable prices. Our prices are standard costs for chimney cleaning services that consistently exceed expectations.

Complete Satisfaction

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our chimney services. If you are dissatisfied, please let us know we will make it right.

Insured, Licensed, & Certified

We are fully insured for our services and have all the necessary certifications and licenses. We use cutting-edge technology and adhere to the latest industry standards for safety & efficiency.

Contact us for all of your chimney and fireplace needs! We guarantee a stress-free experience regardless of the size of the project. Call us today for more information on our chimney cleaning services or to set up an appointment.
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Had a clogged dryer vent, that was noticed when taking me over 2 hours to dry clothes. Scheduled Apex, they were great. On time, so nice and did an outstanding job! Dryer never worked so good! I highly recommend this company.
Michele Spiegel
Great mechanic.Took the time to explain the problem and solution. Thanks
Joe O
Zach was my technician. He was punctual and professional. I'd recommend his services and will be using apex again in the future.
Great service... The technicians was very courteous and professional, they called me 25 minutes before the arrival to get me enough time to get where I want service very satisfied with their service.definately recommend to friends and family.
Syed Jafri

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