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Air Duct Cleaning In Pennington

5 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Near You in Pennington, NJ

Pennington, NJ air duct cleaning near me services should take place once every two to three years. The United States Environmental Agency adds that ducts should be cleaned as often as necessary. Air travels from your central heating, cooling, and ventilation unit to the rooms in your home through the ductwork. The quality of the filters attached to the unit determines how much dust, pollutants, and particles get trapped.

The dust, pollutants, and particles that aren’t trapped in the filters remain loose. Some of them will end up attaching themselves to the ductwork. The rest will travel in the air through the ducts and into the rest of your home. Thanks to the distance between the central unit and the vents, all loose particles don’t make it the entire trip. They still impact your home’s indoor air quality.

The presence of any dust in your indoor air is not good. Your job is to help get rid of as much of it as possible. You’re not expected to complete this task alone. Mercer Professional HVAC technicians are at your disposal. The following are five benefits you’ll enjoy when you hire professional air duct cleaning near me services in Pennington, NJ.

Improves Air Flow

Over time, layers of dust, particles, and pollutants build up inside the ducts. Obstructed airflow isn’t always caused by the collection of debris in the ductwork, but it never hurts to inspect the situation. When the build-up is the cause of poor airflow, you’ll notice the difference as soon as it’s cleaned up.

Higher New Jersey energy bills that don’t drop with the change of the seasons are an indication that the central HVAC unit is not operating at an optimal level. The first place that industry professionals inspect is the unit’s filter. If it’s dusty, it’s time to clean it or replace it. When the filter is dusty, it indicates that the ducts are going to be dusty, too. 

Changing the air filter delivers noticeable results. The effect is the same for clean ductwork. Once clogs, the layers of build-up, and particles are cleared from the ducts, a drop in your energy bills should occur because the air is going to flow freely again. On top of that, more air is going to reach its destination instead of getting obstructed. Since there’s last wasted air, you won’t need to run the HVAC unit as long and often anymore.

Removes Smells and Odors

Air travels through the duct system in your home. Moisture travels on that path, too. Moisture comes from the changing seasons as well as your central HVAC unit. Heat and cold pass through the evaporator coil as it warms and cools the air. The extreme changes in the temperature develop condensation. Moisture that is created in excess drips into a pan in the unit. A pump drains the water so that it does not overflow.

Extra moisture in a central HVAC unit builds over time. If the unit is in good condition, the moisture build-up is very slow. If moisture is leaking instead of draining, the unit is no longer operating optimally. When moisture teams up with the layers of dust, pollutants, and particles in the ducts, they create smells and odors. In the worst-case scenario, the combination leads to the development of mold.

Mold in the walls of a home is hard to detect. If you smell it from your walls, it’s severe. You’re more likely to smell mold situated in the ducts because the HVAC unit is blowing the scent throughout your home. You’ll catch whiffs of the musty stench.

A solid air duct cleaning removes smells and odors because the cleaning removes the source of the smell. Plus, some professionals take the process a step further. At Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning, we employ UV lights to blast the bacteria that develops into the mold. 

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Clean ductwork delivers improved airflow and no odors or smells. Since the ducts are not acting as a conduit for particles, pollutants, and dust, your indoor air quality improves. You can confidently breathe inside after an air duct cleaning because you’ll know that the ducts are free of mold, too.

Improved Mercer indoor air quality leads to fewer allergies, respiratory issues, and other health-related discomforts inside. These pollutants are still roaming around your home. The difference is that there are much fewer. They’re also not being blown from the central unit through the ductwork into the rooms with vents in high numbers anymore. 

To help your home’s indoor air quality remain high after cleaning, there are tactics you can employ. When you cook, open a window even if it’s cold outside. Air out your home at least once a day. The fresh air from the outside circulates inside. It disturbs any particles that have settled on your house’s surfaces. The fresh air also helps push those particles out. 

Reduces Indoor Pollutants

Mercer County indoor pollutants make themselves at home wherever they land. You’ve seen them on your home’s surfaces, furnishings, and floors. You’ve also caught a glimpse of the amount that accumulates in a day and week. Given that image, you might be able to imagine the number of particles that accumulate in an enclosed space like the ducts over a two to three-year time span. It’s not the ductwork’s fault. It just happens to be a convenient place that hides dust.

The ducts are attached to the central HVAC unit. The unit has a filter. The higher the filter’s grade, the more particles it can catch at smaller sizes. Medical-grade filters are used in public spaces such as movie theaters and stores. You can use them at home, too, but you must ensure that your unit can handle the load. An HVAC professional can help you find the best filter grade and size for your unit.

Over time, the filters aren’t going to catch everything. If you want them to do a good job, it’s important to clean or change them once a month during peak season and keep up with air duct cleaning.

Improved Indoor Health

When you’re outside in Pennington, NJ, there’s not that much you can do about coming into contact with allergens, pollution, and other contaminants. The same goes for the workplace simply because you’re around other people in the same space. Your home is different. In your home, you should be able to protect yourself against the allergens that trigger allergies, respiratory issues, or other health-related discomforts. 

To protect yourself inside your house, it’s important to ensure that there are no holes, crevices, or cracks allowing the allergens indoors. Then, you have to pay attention to the allergens that are created inside. Cooking creates VOCs. Your pet drops dander as they roam around. If you’re a smoker, it’s best to engage in that activity outside. 

Clean ductwork prevents the spread of pollutants that trigger allergies. This leads to improved indoor health. 

To schedule your next Pennington air duct cleaning near me appointment, call us at 732-314-7171. We’ll send our Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning team to take care of the ductwork so you can reap the benefits. 

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