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Air Duct Cleaning In Ocean Township

5 Things You Should Know About Professional Ducting Cleaning Near You in Ocean Township, NJ

A complete Ocean Township, NJ air ducting cleaning near me only needs to take place once every two to three years. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also states that the cleaning should take place when it’s necessary. If there’s ductwork installed in your home, it’s most likely because there’s also a central heating, cooling, and ventilation unit installed, too. When your home’s energy rates begin to rise and they don’t come back down, something is happening with the unit or your home.

Ducting cleaning is necessary, but it’s not the first place to troubleshoot. Troubleshooting begins with the unit. If airflow, odor, or rising energy costs are not solved there, professionals move onto the ductwork especially if it has been several years since the last cleaning.

As a consumer, you want to be sure that you’re hiring a professional to complete the correct job for your current issue. Consumers are protected by several agencies. In the case of air ducts, both the EPA and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) protect New Jersey property owners. When you hire professional HVAC technicians, double-check that they adhere to NADCA standards.

The following are five things you should keep in mind when hiring the right professional ducting cleaning near me services.

No Overpromising

Professional Monmouth HVAC technicians that respect their profession and their customers won’t oversell the power of cleaning ductwork. Clean ducts contribute to good airflow, indoor air quality, and allergens, but the cleaning is not part of routine HVAC maintenance. 

HVAC maintenance includes changing the filter once a month during the peak season. The unit requires maintenance after and before the peak season, or every six months. Maintenance helps the unit remain as close to the manufacturer’s settings as possible. It extends the life of the unit or at least helps the unit reach it.

During HVAC maintenance, the technicians clean the coil, tops off the refrigerant, and listens for odd noises. They also sniff around for odd smells. When all the parts of the unit run in unison, no part works harder than others. Once one part slows down, it causes additional wear to the rest of the components.

A technician ensures that the unit is running at an optimal level before taking a peek at the ducts. A layer of dust on the inside of the ductwork is not as concerning as the damage that could be caused by the ducts by extra maintenance.

It should be noted that the EPA does not offer HVAC technicians or companies air duct cleaning certification. If a company tells you that they are certified in this area, it’s best to move onto another.

Request an Estimate

Cleaning the ducts is a big job. It takes anywhere between three to five hours depending on the amount of dust inside. The time also depends on the state of the ducts. If it’s starting to sag, the material creates nooks, crevices, and folds where dust sits and hides. 

Responsible HVAC companies will take a look at the condition of the ductwork. Based on their findings, they’ll provide an estimate and stick to it. This is a straightforward job. There aren’t a lot of surprises that can pop up. So, there aren’t too many reasons why technicians would deviate from their original estimate. 

Follow a Process

Cleaning a home’s ductwork is a straightforward process, but it’s also labor-intensive. To get the job done in three to five hours, the technicians need to follow a process. You’ll also be asked to prepare the area around the vents and other access ports. If there is furniture or other items near and around the access ports to the ductwork, you are asked to move it before the HVAC team arrives.

By clearing these areas, you help the team start the job as soon as they arrive. 

Once the HVAC team establishes that they have access to all the ductwork’s ports, they inspect the ducts. The team wants to ensure that they’re going to use the correct cleaning brushes. Technicians are checking out the amount of debris they’re going to remove. If there is asbestos present, they use a different process. It’s important to leave asbestos undisturbed. When you want it removed from your home, a different team takes care of the removal and disposal.

Equipment is set up next such as the industrial-strength vacuums. Before the cleaning begins, your floors, furniture, and furnishings are covered to protect them. Some technicians follow the vacuuming step with a UV light. The goal is to find out if there’s any mold or bacteria in the ducts.

Once the ducts are clear, the clean-up begins and the process ends.

Protect Your Furniture

During a Ocean Township, NJ ducting cleaning near me, two phases take place. First, the dust, pollutants, and allergens are loosened from the ducts. Second, they are collected. After three years of accumulating these contaminants, you know that the process of cleaning them is messy. The vacuums do a good job of capturing the majority of the particles, but some are still going to float into areas of your home.

Follow Best Practices

The NADCA sets down the best standards for Ocean Township air duct cleaning. They outline the tools to use, the process, and the best cleaning products. The organization concerns itself with consumer safety. Among the other things they have outlined is the use of chemical cleaners. If chemicals must be used to clean the ductwork in a Monmouth home, only chemicals registered with the EPA are allowed.

Chemical cleaning products should not be overused. This means that their use should be sparing and strictly as necessary. The odor from the chemicals and the toxins in these products are used in a system that spreads air. If the chemicals are too strong, they are going to permeate the entire residence, which poses a danger to the home’s residents.

At Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning, we follow the standards set down by the NADCA. When you hire us to inspect, clean, or maintain your Ocean Township, NJ home’s ductwork, you can be confident we’ll only complete the work that’s absolutely necessary. We don’t oversell and we do provide each client an estimate before starting the work. Our team follows a process and the best practices. We also care for your property, furniture, and furnishings as if it was our own.

To schedule an appointment in Monmouth, give us a call at 732-314-7171. You can also view before and after pictures of our work on our website at

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