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Located in Silver Lake, NJ, Apex Chimney Repairs has been sweeping chimneys for over 40 years. Our company is certified as a dryer exhaust technician and chimney cleaner by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and offers a wide range of services for your home’s fireplaces, chimneys, and air ducts.

You might consider speaking with an employee from a home improvement corporation like Lowe’s or Home Depot about chimney maintenance. There are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a local chimney cleaning company rather than sweeping your chimney yourself. 

Benefits the Local Economy

Spending money at local businesses tends to keep more money within your community. The local economy benefits when local business owners spend their money with other local businesses. Local businesses create jobs in Silver Lake, NJ, which means more money and prosperity flowing within the local economy. Choosing a local chimney sweep in Essex County, NJ supports your local economy.

Environmental Sustainability 

It is usually easier for local companies to reduce their carbon footprint than large corporations such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. Local businesses help to sustain smaller, local shopping centers which can be reached by walking instead of by car, which means less air pollution. The fact that local businesses often buy their supplies from other local sources also reduces transportation costs.

Larger corporations are always shipping materials and final products across the country. Large trucks polluting the air are cut out of the equation with many local businesses. By supporting local businesses, you are supporting the growth of a more sustainable industry.

Specialized Products

The products sold by large corporations are typically produced by the thousands in an assembly line in a factory, which makes it difficult for there to be any variety. Products produced at the local level can be more unique. Vendors have more control over the production process and may be able to make something personalized for you.

If you shop locally, you will find many unique products that you cannot find at chain stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Moreover, when you work directly with a manufacturer or laborer, you have greater control over the final product or service. Large corporations usually require you to accept the product or service for what it is, since you will never meet the person who designed it.

Better Customer Service

Customers are often more important to small business owners. In large corporations, there are thousands of customers; they cannot know all of them and make sure that they are satisfied with their products or services.

Statistics found in the company’s sales records are essentially numbers on a page. You can spend more time getting to know each customer when you go to a local business because they have fewer clients. Furthermore, even if you don’t know the business owner in question, there is a sense of familiarity among community members. In addition to wanting to make a profit, these business owners usually want to help the people they know as well.

Know the People Behind the Product

When you buy products or services through a large corporation, they come from a far-away source that you know little about. Paying Silver Lake, NJ-based companies like Apex Chimney Repairs, it gives you a chance to meet the people making the products. It can affect how you view your product or service because you know more about who they are and why they do what they do.

When you know exactly who is paying for home improvement, you feel safer. A local chimney sweep company is a perfect example of someone you should look for when you need someone to come into your home for regular cleanings. You want someone you can trust to make an adjustment to your house that will affect your family’s well-being.


Silver Lake may refer to:

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Silver Lake

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Cities and towns[edit]

  • Silver Lake, in Peterborough County, Ontario, a dispersed rural community in the municipality of Trent Lakes
  • Silver Lake, in Renfrew County, Ontario, a dispersed rural community in the municipality of Bonnechere Valley
  • Silver Lake, Los Angeles, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California
  • Silver Lake, San Bernardino County, California, a ghost town
  • Helendale, California, also known as Silver Lakes
  • Silver Lake, Florida
  • Silver Lake, Indiana
  • Silver Lake, Kansas
  • Erlanger, Kentucky, previously known as Silver Lake
  • Silver Lake, Massachusetts, an unincorporated community
  • Silver Lake, Minnesota
  • Silver Lake, Missouri
  • Silver Lake, New Hampshire
  • Silver Lake, Cumberland County, New Jersey
  • Silver Lake, Essex County, New Jersey
  • Silver Lake, Warren County, New Jersey
  • Silver Lake, Otsego County, New York
  • Silver Lake, Staten Island, New York
  • Silver Lake, Wyoming County, New York
  • Silver Lake, Ohio
  • Silver Lake, Oregon
  • Silver Lake, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Silverlake, Texas
  • Silver Lake, Washington
  • Silver Lake, Wisconsin, a town
  • Silver Lake, Waushara County, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community


  • Lago Argentino, literally Silver Lake, near El Calafate, Patagonia
  • Silver Lake (Kawartha Lakes), Central Ontario, Canada
  • Silver Lake (Lanark-Frontenac), Eastern Ontario, Canada
  • Silver Lake (Serbia)
  • Silver Lake (Amador County), California, a reservoir
  • Silver Lake (Mojave), California, a dry lake bed
  • Silver Lake Reservoir, Los Angeles County, California
  • Silver Lake (Dover, Delaware)
  • Silver Lake (Milford, Delaware)
  • Silver Lake (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware)
  • Silver Lake (Highlands County, Florida)
  • Silver Lake (Silver Lake, Florida)
  • Silver Lake (Sumter County, Florida), a lake that is partly in Sumter County and partly in Hernando County
  • Silver Lake (Blaine County, Idaho)
  • Silver Lake (Kansas)
  • Silver Lake (Pittsfield, Massachusetts)
  • Silver Lake (Plymouth County, Massachusetts)
  • Silver Lake (Wilmington, Massachusetts)
  • Silver Lake (Michigan), Index set page of lakes named or previously named Silver Lake in Michigan
  • Silver Lake (Grand Traverse County, Michigan)
  • Silver Lake (Waterford Township, Michigan)
  • Silver Lake (Clay County, Minnesota)
  • Silver Lake (Cook County, Minnesota)
  • Silver Lake (Rochester, Minnesota)
  • Silver Lake (St. Anthony, Minnesota)
  • Silver Lake (Stone County, Missouri)
  • Silver Lake (Harrisville, New Hampshire)
  • Silver Lake (Hollis, New Hampshire)
  • Silver Lake (Madison, New Hampshire)
  • Silver Lake (Bovina, New York)
  • Silver Lake (Clinton County, New York)
  • Silver Lake (Delaware County, New York)
  • Silver Lake (Woodridge, New York)
  • Silver Lake (Oregon)
  • Silver Lake (Washington County, Rhode Island)
  • Silver Lake (Hutchinson County, South Dakota)
  • Silver Lake (Kingsbury County, South Dakota)
  • Silver Lake (Miner County, South Dakota)
  • Silver Lake (North Cascades National Park), Washington
  • Silver Lake (Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)


  • Silver Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada
  • Silver Lake Provincial Park (Ontario), Canada
  • Silver Lake National Wildlife Refuge, North Dakota, United States
  • Silver Lake State Park (Michigan), United States
  • Silver Lake State Park (New Hampshire), United States
  • Silver Lake State Park (New York), United States
  • Silver Lake State Park (Vermont), United States
  • Silver Lake Wilderness Area, Adirondack Mountains, New York, United States


  • Silver Lake College, the name of Holy Family College 1972-2019 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States
  • Silver Lake Joint School District 1, Wisconsin, United States
  • Silver Lake Regional High School, Kingston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Silver Lake USD 372, a school district in the Topeka, Kansas, area
<Learn more about Silver Lake.

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A chimney sweep is specially trained to use brushes and rods to clean off creosote from in the fireplace. This is how the smoke chamber and firebox get cleaned.

Soot builds up inside the flue of a chimney. Due to this, black soot can even start to escape the chimney and reach walls in your home.

Chimney sweeps are trained professionals equipped with the tools to perfectly clean out your chimney.

The NFPA strongly suggests a chimney cleaning should occur yearly. A chimney cleaning yearly can remove creosote and soot from the inside of your flue.