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Have you purchased a property in Morris County and are dealing with some chimney problems? Interested in chimney repair services? Rather than searching online for “chimney repair near me” and hoping you’ll find a trustworthy company, contact Apex Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Services! The Moorestown, NJ chimney repair specialists have improved and secured the safety of New Jersey chimneys and fireplaces for over 30 years.

We have licensed, certified, and insured contractors who can perform routine inspections and clean your chimney or perform major repairs. Apex Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Services offers fast, efficient, reliable, and affordable chimney repair services in Morris County.

Signs You Need to Contact a Moorestown, NJ Chimney Repair Contractor

Your fireplace is a central feature of your home. On those chilly Morris County nights, it’s where you curl up with a good book and eNJoy gatherings with loved ones. Your home will benefit from a valuable source of heat and aesthetic appeal. 

There’s no denying that a fireplace is an asset, but in order to ensure it stays that way, it needs to be properly maintained, and that means making sure that the chimney is functioning properly. The chimney is responsible for directing hot air and smoke from your fireplace away from your New Jersey house; however, just like any other feature, a chimney is also susceptible to damage.

When masonry materials are exposed to regular use and harsh elements, such as smoke, soot, and ash, fluctuating temperatures, wind, rain, and snow, as well as ground shifting, they are weakened.

An unsightly chimney can become a health hazard. Keeping its appearance and, most importantly, your safety, requires calling in a Moorestown, NJ chimney repair contractor at the first sign of trouble.

When should you make repairs? In the event that you notice any of the following, it may be time to find a company near you that specializes in chimney repair.

Rusted Damper or Firebox

When moisture has made its way into a chimney, it’s a major red flag that it’s not functioning properly, and rust is one of the most obvious indicators. It is a sure sign of moisture intrusion if you see rust spots in the firebox, the damper struggles to open and close, or if the seal isn’t functioning properly.

It can be caused by several factors, such as cracks in the mortar, poor construction, or moisture traveling down the chimney flue.

Moisture is a big problem for chimneys, no matter what its cause may be. When the damper is rusted, it will no longer function properly. Because of this, fires in Morris County fireplaces will quickly extinguish. Instead of exiting your chimney, smoke, soot, ash, and carbon monoxide may escape into your home.

Rust can eat away and deteriorate the firebox, and the moisture that’s causing the rust could damage the lining of the flu, which could allow heat to make contact with surrounding building materials and eventually cause a house fire. You should contact a Moorestown, NJ chimney repair professional as soon as you notice rust developing on your firebox or damper.

Damaged Mortar Joints

In chimneys, mortar is the glue that holds them together. In the case of constant exposure to the elements and ground shifting, the mortar could crack or wear away, and you could face some serious problems. Water will eventually seep into bricks and/or stones, freeze, and thaw, causing more damage.

It is possible that the heat from the fireplace could eventually seep into the surrounding building materials, increasing the risk of a house fire, or worse, collapsing the entire structure. Keep an eye on the mortar. Maintain it regularly, and at the first sign of damage, contact an expert in Moorestown, NJ chimney repair.


Spalling occurs when the face of masonry materials peels and flakes off, exposing the masonry materials to the elements and causing further damage. Several factors can cause spalling, such as poor-quality materials, improper installation, and regular moisture exposure.

Spalling initially appears to be just a cosmetic issue. Over time, however, it can cause the masonry to decay further, exposing the surrounding building materials to heat and sparking a fire or causing the entire structure to collapse. Once you see spalling, schedule an appointment with a contractor who specializes in chimney repair and chimney replacement near you immediately to avoid major headaches and costly repairs.

Issues with Fires or Smoke

When you toss a few logs on the fireplace and light them up, does the fire smolder instead of roar? Does the fire take off but smoke pours into your Morris County home? Either way, that’s a definite sign something is wrong with your chimney. The damper may not be working properly, the liner could be damaged, or there may be a blockage in the flue, for example.

It is a crucial component of a chimney because it ensures a fire has oxygen while also allowing smoke to escape the fireplace and travel down the chimney. A poor fire and smoke pouring back into the room could also indicate a blockage, such as outside debris or broken flue tiles.

Looking for Reliable Chimney Repair Near You?

The above-mentioned problems or any other issue with your chimney or fireplace should be addressed by a Moorestown, NJ chimney repair company as soon as possible. If you’re researching “chimney repair in Morris county”, be sure Apex Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Services is at the top of your list.

The team at our company offers fast, affordable, reliable, premium-quality results with more than 30 years’ experience. We will be more than happy to assist you in setting up an appointment for more information or more information about our services. Please go to our website and click the “contact” tab, or give us a call directly at 732-314-7171.


Parsippany-Troy Hills Township, commonly known as Parsippany, is a township in Morris County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the township’s population was 53,238, reflecting an increase of 2,589 (+5.1%) from the 50,649 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 2,171 (+4.5%) from the 48,478 counted in the 1990 Census.

After the Wisconsin Glacier melted around 13,000 BC, half of Parsippany was filled with water as this was Lake Passaic. Around the area grasses grew, as the area was tundra and then turned into a taiga/boreal forest as the area warmed. Paleo-Indians moved in small groups into the area around 12,500 years ago, attracted by the diversity of plant and animal life. Native Americans settled into the area several thousand years ago, dwelling in the highlands and along the Rockaway River and the Whippany River, where they hunted and fished for the various game that lived in the area and migrated through the area in autumn. Paintings in a rock cave were found in the late 1970s in western Parsippany in the highlands.

From 1611 to 1614, the Dutch established the colony of New Netherland, which claimed territory between the 40th and 45th parallel north, a zone which included northern New Jersey. The Native Americans traded furs and food with the Dutch for various goods. In return, the Dutch gave the Native Americans metal pots, knives, guns, axes, and blankets. Trading with the Native Americans occurred until 1643 when a series of wars broke out between the Dutch and Native Americans. There were hostile relations between the Dutch and Native Americans between 1643 and 1660. This prevented colonization by the Dutch of the Morris County region which was technically included in their claimed “New Netherland”.

On August 27, 1664, three English ships approached Fort Amsterdam and the fort was surrendered to the English. The English now controlled New Netherland and Morris County was now under control of the colony of New York. Relations with the Native Americans improved for a while.

Learn more about Parsippany-Troy Hills.

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Where one repairs a chimney greatly depends on the issue with the chimney. Some issues involve the interior of the chimney or fireplace while others depend on the bricks or the crown of the chimney.

Some home warranty companies cover fireplace repair while others don’t. It’s best to get in contact with yours to see what your options are.

The average cost to repair a chimney is around 450 dollars, however depending on what needs fixing the price can either be higher or lower.

After inspecting your chimney, you can accurately assess exactly what needs to be fixed. Oftentimes, bricks could have gaps in them that would need to be filled.