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Chimney Cleaning In Shrewsbury borough

A Guide to Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Shrewsbury borough, NJ

How much do you know about chimney and dryer vent cleaning? Are you looking for a professional for chimney cleaning in Shrewsbury borough, NJ? You may have never thought much about chimney and dryer vent cleaning, even though it is a complicated process and is essential to maintaining the safety of your home. Here is a beginners’ guide to the proper maintenance of the chimneys and dryer vents in your home or business in Monmouth. 

DIY or hire a Professional?

The first question you may face is an obvious one: do you want to try and clean out your chimney or dryer vent on your own, or do you want to find a professional in Shrewsbury borough, NJ to do it for you? You can learn much from the internet these days and there are plenty of tutorials on how to clean a fireplace, but before rolling up your sleeves and setting yourself to the task, there are a few things you should consider. Some people are naturals at DIY, and some do not have the resolve to do the job well and are better off hiring someone else. You should know that an improperly cleaned chimney or dryer vent can be very dangerous to those who live or work in your home or business. Over time, the smoke and ash from fires will cause a buildup of creosote in your chimney, a very combustible substance that can cause chimney fires. Therefore, it is very important to have your chimney cleaned routinely. Similarly, buildup in your dryer vent can cause fires which can damage your Monmouth home and endanger your loved ones. When you throw a load of laundry in the dyer, dust, debris, and moisture will be pulled off it during the cycle and will build up over time in the dryer vent. If the contents or your dryer vent are overheated, they can ignite. These are things you should consider when deciding whether to attempt the task of chimney and dryer vent cleaning on your own. You may save some money, but safety should be your first concern. You also might lose money in the long run if you must pay for damages caused by an unwanted fire. 

How to Clean a Chimney and/or Fireplace

If you do decide you are willing to put in the effort to properly clean your fireplace and chimney yourself, here is what you need to know. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, it is time to clean your fireplace and chimney when there is 1/8” of sooty buildup. To clean your fireplace, you should start by removing the logs and the grate from the fireplace. If you have a gas fireplace, make sure it is turned OFF. Sweep away debris from the heart. Protect the surrounding areas with trash bags or old sheets. Then you must scrub the inside of the hearth with a cleaner purchased at the store or a homemade solution. You can find recipes for such solutions online. Finish by cleaning off the doors, the logs and the grate and replacing them on the floor of the heart. Cleaning a chimney is trickier, simply because of how it is situated. You will need more tools, such as a chimney brush, a flashlight, and probably some protective gear, such as a mask and goggles. You will need to go up to the roof or lie in your fireplace to use the flashlight to inspect how dirty the chimney flue is before using the brush to clean it. All of this is for naught if you have creosote buildup, which a professional will need to remove. If you are unsure about your ability to assess the condition of your chimney, do not take any risks and call a chimney and dryer vent cleaning professional in Shrewsbury borough, NJ.

How to Clean a Dryer Vent

A dirty dryer vent can be just as dangerous as a dirty chimney, so be sure to do your research before attempting a DIY project. However, cleaning a dryer duct is considerably easier than cleaning a chimney. Your dryer vent should be cleaned at least once a year; more often if you have a larger household and are doing more laundry. After moving aside your dryer so you can access the dryer vent, remove any lint from the duct by hand while wearing protective gloves. After that, simply use one of the attachments on your vacuum to clean out any remaining debris from the duct. You should also go to the other end of the dryer duct, possibly accessed from the outside of your house, and repeat this process. Having properly cleaned ventilation systems is essential to the safety of all homeowners in Monmouth. Do the research about how to accomplish these tasks on your own or call a Monmouth professional today.

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