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Chimney Cleaning - The Difference Between Sweeping and Cleaning

When you’re considering getting your chimney cleaned, you should know the differences between sweeping and cleaning. A sweeping service uses equipment that clears soot and ash from the inside of the chimney. If your fireplace is dirty and needs a good cleaning, then try fireplace cleaning nyc. A chimney sweep uses the pressure differential created by a hot gas or wood column to create a draught. The draught is the air coming over the hot coals or wood. Some chimneys are straight, but many of them have bends and changes of direction.

As a rule of thumb, chimney sweep companies usually book up months in advance, so it’s a good idea to make an appointment well in advance. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the CSIA recommends cleaning a chimney when it has a one-eighth inch of debris or more on its walls. It’s difficult for the average homeowner to gauge how often they should clean their chimney, and a professional may be necessary in this case.

When hiring a chimney sweep, ask if they are certified by the CSIA. A certified chimney sweep can be easily located through the CSIA’s Certified Professional Locator. But finding a qualified and insured chimney sweep is not as easy as it sounds. You should ask your friends for referrals or check online reviews to get a few names. Ultimately, you should hire the most qualified and experienced chimney cleaners in your area. If you are in need of a chimney cleaning or chimney sweep contact the Apex Chimney as we specialize in both.

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